Delete old Mail Inbox, Sent item

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asked Apr 5, 2011 by Enrico (370 points)
edited Apr 6, 2011

Hi, i've the below question!

i want to delete all mail older than a range of date in Inbox an Sent Item.

In order to do this i've write this code:


messages = m_Imap.Search
       ImapSearchParameter.Arrived(StartDate, EndDate),
       ImapSearchParameter.Sent(StartDate, EndDate)

ImapMessageSet mailToBeDeleted = new ImapMessageSet();

foreach (ImapMessageInfo messPartial in messages)
} // End for

This code works for inbox mail bath not for sent mail;

What's wrong?

Other Question. if i use getfolderlist i don't see any folder "Sent Items". Why? My imap server is gmail. My end server is exchage.

Best Regards Enrico

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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answered Apr 6, 2011 by Lukas Pokorny (126,870 points)
edited Apr 6, 2011

The default overload of GetFolderList method only returns folders located in the root folder. In Gmail, the "Sent Items" folder is a subfolder of "[Gmail]" folder. To get a list of folders at all levels, call m_Imap.GetFolderList(null, ImapFolderListMode.All, true).

Please note that the "Sent Items" folder might use a different name when Gmail's web interface is set to a non-English language. Even the "[Gmail]" folder name might also be different for German users.

The following code locates the sent items folder regardless its name:

        string folderSent = null;
        foreach (ImapFolder folder in imap.GetFolderList(null, ImapFolderListMode.All, true))
            if (folder.Purpose == "Sent")
                folderSent = folder.Name;

        if (folderSent == null)
            throw new ApplicationException("Gmail 'Sent items' folder not found.");
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answered Apr 6, 2011 by Lukas Matyska (60,730 points)
edited Apr 6, 2011

To search within the "Sent Items" folder, you have to select it first:

messages = m_Imap.Search(ImapSearchParameter.Sent(StartDate, EndDate));

Please also mind the IMAP behaviour for searching dates:
1. Only date component take effect (time component is ignored)
2. StartDate is inclusive condition (mail.Date is >= StartDate)
3. EndDate is exclusive condition (mail.Date is < EndDate)

For example, if you want to find all mails sent in the past up to today, you have to call m_Imap.Search(ImapSearchParameter.Sent(StartDate, DateTime.Today.AddDays(1)));