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Dear rebex developers

I need some more events in sftpserver for makes realtime monitoring

and I have some ploblem with current events

I can check put and reput with PathAccessAuthorization events(Write/Create)

but when client disconnect during download
I can't get information the client's download bytes
and client try reget or get

so I suggest Client download Start Upload (put/reput)
and Download Start(get/reget)
and call Uploaded Downloaded when client disconnected during uplaod/download with completely or incompletely

please check my sugeest


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When a download fails, an SFTP client can easily resume the download by starting the transfer at the offset corresponding to the length of the file received so far. See here how to achieve this using Rebex SFTP (this is possible in most third-party SFTP clients).

However, FileServer object's FileDownloaded and FileUploaded events are not called for incomplete transfers (transfers where the client session ended before the file has been closed). We will add an option to the next release that changes this behavior, making it possible to determine amount of bytes sent to the client (or received from the client) even for incomplete files. If you would like a beta build when it's ready, please let us know.

Note: In case of incomplete (or unclosed) transfers, the server knows how much data it sent to the client, but it cannot determine how much of that data has actually been received and saved by the client before a failure occurred.

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Update: Version 2020 R2 adds FileServerSettings.EnableEventsForFailedTransfers option to enable raising of these events for failed transfers. The event arguments also include HasFailed property to  make it possible to determine whether the transfer failed.