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Please let me know what to do with Pageant in Rebex SFTP.
My program(SFTP Client) is running in Windows service mode.
It also runs a UI program for control.

Thank you.

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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Unfortunately, Pageant authentication is not currently supported. It is one of the features that we would eventually like to implement, but it almost certainly won't be available in the near term. We are currently busy with other features. Sorry!

If this is a high-priority feature in your scenario, consider our Custom Development Service.

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Any progress on this. We have customers requiring pagent and/or ssh-agent auth. The use of these agents are pretty common these days.
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Unfortunately, it's unlikely Pageant support will appear in Rebex SFTP in the near term. Our backlog is very long, we have to carefully prioritize features, and only several customers have expressed interest in Pageant support so far. Additionally, we would rather concentrate on widely-supported open standards, while Pageant is communicating using somewhat obscure Windows-only proprietary protocol from PuTTY ecosystem.