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I am using the current version of REBEX Zip.

Unfortunately I have problems decompressing existing zip files (AES-256 encrypted) containing passwords with special characters (e.g. $, %, öäü).

In an older article I read a hint to "ZipArchiveOptions.PasswordEncoding".

Unfortunately I don't know how to use this option correctly (syntax, values etc.).

Maybe someone can help me. An example would be nice!


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PasswordEncoding option is supposed to be set to an instance of .NET's Encoding class that specifies the encoding (character set) to use to transform the password from a string to a byte array.

So in order to specify a particular encoding, do this:

using Rebex.IO.Compression;
using System.Text;

// encoding to use
string encoding = "windows-1252";

var zip = new ZipArchive("password-encoding-sample.zip");
zip.Options.PasswordEncoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(encoding);
zip.Password = "öäü";
zip.ExtractAll("output", ActionOnExistingFiles.OverwriteAll);

The sample ZIP file is available here.

To determine a list of all possible character encodings, use Encoding.GetEncodings() method.

Western European languages usually use one of the following encodings: