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I am trying to identify the email content which is replied by other person and not the entire email thread.

When I looked into MailMessage and other objects available did not find a way to retrieve only the replied content of email by ignoring rest of email thread (e.g. BodyHtml).

Do let me know how to identify the content of mail threads individually with the help of Rebex.
or If I missed any object provided by Rebex

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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Unfortunately, this is outside the scope of Rebex Secure Mail.

It's also outside the scope of Internet mail standards. The message body is just a text or HTML document with no prescribed structure, and different mail agents use different approaches to construct their replies. Some mail agents (Gmail is a prime example) employ complex heuristics to determine which parts of the message body are the reply and which belong to previous messages in the thread, but this is not a part of Rebex Secure Mail feature set. Sorry!