Fatal error 'HandshakeFailure' has been reported by the remote connection end - .NET Compact 3.5

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asked May 24 by klei0777 (150 points)

Fatal error 'HandshakeFailure' has been reported by the remote connection end - .NET Compact 3.5

HResult = 0x80131509

I receive this exception when attempting to download a file via a https URL. The same link can be accessed successfully from a Windows 10 PC. I saw mention of ciphers in a similar thread, but the .NET Compact Framework implementation of Rebex HTTPS doesn't appear to have the same support. Any suggestions?


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answered May 24 by Lukas Pokorny (124,570 points)
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Create a communication log using LogWriter property at LogLevel.Debug (see https://www.rebex.net/https/features/logging.aspx#logwriter for details) with .NET Compact Framework version of Rebex HTTPS and also with Windows version, and let us know where they differ (or post them here or mail them to support@rebex.net for analysis).

If it turns out the server is rejecting the client after the ClientHello message is sent, it might be worth trying to use Rebex.Castle.dll plugin to add support for Eliptic Curve algorithms.

commented May 24 by klei0777 (150 points)
Adding the Rebex.Castle.dll plugin did the trick. Thanks!
commented May 25 by Lukas Pokorny (124,570 points)
Thanks for letting us know. It looks like the server requires the client to use ECC ciphers, which are not available in .NET CF 3.5 version of Rebex HTTPS without the plugin.