does TLS support ALPN extension?

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asked Feb 11 by smertrios (260 points)

Hi, I need to connect to AWS.IoT using mqtt through port 443 and AWS requires the TLS client to support the ALPN extension to specify the "x-amzn-mqtt-ca" protocol.

Does TlsSocket support ALPN extension? if so, how can I add a custom protocol string?

Thank you.

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answered Feb 12 by Lukas Pokorny (98,050 points)
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Hi, TlsSocket doesn't support ALPN extension at the moment. However, according to the specification, it looks like adding support for this would be quite simple - we'll add it to one of the next releases.

commented Feb 12 by smertrios (260 points)
Thank you, Lukas.  Do you have an estimate for when it'll be released? (I'm dependent on this feature for my project.)

Is there any chance to get access to an ALPHA pre-release for testing?
commented Feb 14 by Lukas Pokorny (98,050 points)
We are currently adding TLS 1.3 support and trying to speed up AES/GCM on non-Windows platforms, so we'll aim to add ALPN support as well during the process. Unfortunately, we are unable to predict the release date at this point.

We'll try to prioritize this to have an alpha/beta with ALPN support next month. I'll keep you updated.
commented Feb 14 by smertrios (260 points)
much appreciated. thank you.