Rebex WebSocketClient Connect Exception

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asked Nov 20 by lanopk (820 points)

I just downloaded the Rebex's WebSocketClient Beta version and made the test simpler.

When the WebSocketClient.ConnectAsync function is called, the following exception occurs.

"The server returned status code '301' instead of '101'."
All of the basic WebSocketClient works properly.

Thank you.

commented Nov 20 by lanopk (820 points)
WebSocket Server is Microsoft Azure App Service (.Net Core 2.1)
commented Nov 20 by lanopk (820 points)
I knew the cause of the problem.
If I use ws: // in the URL, I get a 301 error if the actual server uses wss: //.
If I use wss: // in the URL, Connect is success.
The default WebSocket handles this automatically, but Rebex WebSocket does not seem to handle it automatically.
commented Nov 20 by Lukas Pokorny (96,250 points)
Yes, 301 is a redirect response (possibly from ws:// to wss://), which is not supported by Rebex WebSocket yet. We'll add this ASAP and send you a link to an update.
commented Dec 7 by Pavel Matyska (10,840 points)
Hello, here you can download a beta build of our WebSocket component that handles HTTP redirects:
Please note it is a trial version.
commented 6 days ago by lanopk (820 points)
I tested your beta version.
The same error occurred in the test, and I sent you an email with a log. Please fix the error.
commented 3 days ago by Pavel Matyska (10,840 points)
Hello, thank you for the log. It helped us to fix the error. Please donwload a fixed beta build of the WebSocket component here
It is a trial version as the previous one. If you encounter any issue, please send us a log again. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
commented 2 days ago by lanopk (820 points)
This beta version works very well.
I hope you'll release it in a short time.

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