When to get a source code edition?

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asked Jun 9, 2015 by Rebex KB (8,210 points)

Why would I need to buy the source code instead of the binaries?

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answered Jun 9, 2015 by Rebex KB (8,210 points)

Source code usage scenarios

Our customers provided several reasons why they want to obtain component source code:

  • Help with debugging (this is - as you can guess - probably the most common case).

  • Ability to do a source code security audit on all code in their system.

  • Peace of mind that they can create fixes/improvements themselves even if Rebex is no longer supporting the component.

  • Merging Rebex component and customer's code into single assembly. It can be achieved using ILMerge too, but source code approach is more convenient.

  • Curiosity - how the thing is built?

  • Legal/contractual requirements - some customers are forced to provide source code for the whole system.

  • Own modifications - we have few customers who wanted to modify default behavior. Some such scenarios are handled be new extensibility points. Some modification are now obsolete because the feature is implemented in more recent version. In such case they need to port new changes to their version themselves. We will aim to do our best to support modified component, but without an access to the actual source code our ability to support it might be quite limited. I'm recalling only two such customers, but there can be more of them.

It's worth noting that the source code is not needed for normal usage. Component provides enough extensibility points for almost all scenarios.

Do's and don'ts:

You can:

  • You can read, review and compile component source code.
  • Distribute binaries created from the source code.
  • Modify source code (with impact to support level from Rebex as noted above).

You cannot:

  • Disclose the source code to a third party without written permission from Rebex.